License Plate

Have a car? Then you can help homeless animals!

Looking for another easy way to help HART and homeless animals? Outfit your car with the "I Support Animal Rescue" Virginia license plate! This special-issue plate* is a simple way to show the world your love and support of animal rescue while helping to send much-needed funds directly to animals in need. The license plate costs $25 a year (or $35 a year if you have a personalized plate), and for each one sold, $15 of your cost goes directly to HART and the animals under our care every year.

* Plate design subject to change and approval by Virginia DMV.

HART will be applying for this special license plate this year and could use your help. We need 450 pre-paid applications for the "I Support Animal Rescue" license plate in order to gain approval from the DMV and to officially begin offering the plates to Virginia drivers in 2014. Your money will be placed into escrow until the plate is approved, and will be returned to you if we are unable to reach our goal by the end of 2013. Our legislator, Kaye Kory, has agreed to sponsor our plate in the January 2014 Virginia General Assembly session.

Applying for a License Plate

  1. Complete the License Plate Application form.

  2. Submit the registration fee of $25 (or $35 if you want to personalize your plate) by either:

    • Including a check, payable to HART, with your mailed application.

    • Paying online with a credit card through PayPal using the buttons below. Be sure that your billing information matches your application.

  3. Note:

    If you pay online with PayPal, you will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $1.00.

  4. Mail your completed License Plate Application to:

    P.O. Box 7261
    Fairfax Station, VA 22039-7261

    Remember, if you're paying by check, be sure to include it with your application. If you're paying through PayPal, you must still mail your completed License Plate Application to HART!

Got Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Have a question that's not covered? Contact the HART office.

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