Naomi's Bagels

Pumpernickle Bagel (Adopted on 8/19/2017), Poppy Seed Bagel (Adopted on 8/19/2017), Cinnamon Bagel (Adopted on 9/2/2017), Sesame Seed Bagel (Adopted on 8/16/2017)

Pumpernickle Bagel

Poppy Seed Bagel

Cinnamon Bagel

Sesame Seed Bagel

Age:  1 year
Gender:  1 female and 3 males
Breed:  Beagle Mix


Meet four little fuzzballs that have had the fight of their lives from before they were born through the first four weeks of their lives. First their mother was going to be put to sleep before they even had a chance to be born. Then their mama had some serious physical problems right after they were born. Their mom, Naomi, is also a real fighter and she pulled her way through with some major help from a bunch of terrific veterinarians. You can tell that all of the work was worth it when you get your first look at these four babies.

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