Corsica - Adopted on 12/2/2017

Age:  2 years
Gender:  Female
Breed:  Beagle


Corsica was probably a hunting dog in her first life. Even though the "inside" of homes are new to her, she is a very lovable cuddler. She wants to be a lap dog and should have a forever home where she's welcome on couches and beds. She has had accidents inside, so she isn't perfectly house trained yet, but she is making progress every day as she acclimates to this new "inside" thing. She's been very good about taking care of her business on walks. Corsica has serious climbing skills...she got up on the cat tree in her foster's living room and will need a back yard with a high fence! Like many beagles she may be an escape artist so her adopter will need to take precautions to keep her safe from following her nose all the time. She's done well in the crate and sleeps quietly all night. Corsica is fine riding in the car. She is actually afraid of the cats in her foster home and is very respectful of their space. She very quiet, timid, sweet and affectionate, and a total delight.

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