Charlotte (Teeko)

Age:  About 2 years

Gender:  Female

Breed:  Lab/Hound Mix

Size:  About 60 lbs

Dog Friendly:  Does some food guarding.

Cat Friendly:  Unknown

Kid Friendly:  Unknown

When HART heard about a spayed, healthy female, we thought it would be an easy dog to make room for. Her previous owner surrendered her because they said she "knocked over the toddler in the household." When the transporter called and said the dog was very, VERY pregnant, we laughed and said she must be mistaken... she was not!

The mom, then named Teeko, was indeed pregnant and gave birth two days later. It turns out that the previous adopter had lied about her condition. She was pregnant and seriously undernourished and the shelter had forgotten to update her picture from before her original adoption. Lucky for her and us that she made it to HART. We found a fantastic foster and the rest is history - and a miracle.

Charlotte is a super sweetheart with a constantly wagging tail - immediate friends with everyone, human and canine alike. Charlotte is sensitive to angry yelling but can easily be calmed down with some cuddling on the couch. Her pups are the Charlotte's Web puppies.

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