Jack S

Age:  About 9 months

Gender:  Male

Breed:  Shepherd Mix

Size:  Medium

Dog Friendly:  Yes

Cat Friendly:  Most likely

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Jack is a gentle sweetheart, part shepherd and part cuddle bunny. He is initially shy with humans but warms up to calm, reassuring people and has nothing but love and devotion once he trusts someone. Jack especially loves to be around other dogs, often curling up and resting his head on a fellow canine.

Jack is about 35 lbs. He knows to do his business outside and is crate trained. He is rarely vocal but has a big bark. He is easily startled and will need encouragement and positive reinforcement in a new home. When startled, he simply retreats - he has shown no aggression whatsoever in either of his foster homes. Mostly he seems to crave peace and quiet and lots of neck scratches and belly rubs. He has shown no destructive tendencies so far in his new foster home and hardly sheds at all.

A more playful side would likely emerge over time in a forever home. Jack would do well in a home with patient, reassuring people and at least one outgoing, friendly dog. Gentle, non-hyper older kids are probably fine.

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