Bing & Tucker

Bing, Tucker

Age:  About 7 years, 5 years

Gender:  2 males

Breed:  Jack Russell Terrier

Size:  Small

Dog Friendly:  Yes

Cat Friendly:  Unknown

Kid Friendly:  Yes

Bing is seven years old. He loves attention and love. He likes to play fetch although he's not always as fast as Tucker:) He always enjoys a good belly rub and is loyal to who takes care of him. He likes to rub on you and grunts with joy as he does it! Bing is entertaining as he makes funny noises and always is the first to greet you when you come home!

Tucker is a five year old who loves to give kisses! He is a master at the game of fetch and will do anything to get to the ball! Tucker loves to snuggle and be around his family:) His mother was in the National Dog Show and he closely resembles her. Tucker is accommodating to whatever his person wants to do whether it's playing outside or snuggling inside.

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