HART Sponsored Pets

Sponsor A Pet

HART thanks the following people for generously sponsoring our dogs and cats!

If you haven't already, please consider sponsoring a pet! All donations will go directly for vet visits, medication, food, bedding, treats and anything else that may be needed to care for our dogs and cats and help place them in a forever home.


Abbey II Anonymous, in memory of the many sweet and loving cats we have owned over the past 30 years
Dot Ron and Karen King, in memory of Odie
and by
PJ Margus, Dot is a special needs pet and needs a loving home
Duckie Chrystine the Crazy Cat Lady in Training, in memory of Pebbles, Willow, and Lovey; rescuing you changed my life!
Jasper II Camille, Yang, Jacob, & Bruce
and by
Costa Family, in memory of Paxton
Poseidon the Pouncer Chrystine the Crazy Cat Lady in Training, in memory of Pebbles, Willow, and Lovey; rescuing you changed my life!
Sherman Terri Skelton, in memory of all my wonderful cats who will meet me at the Rainbow Bridge
Xena Momma Costa Family, in honor of Shemya


Alonso Aya, on behalf of Justin, the little helper at adoption events (Justin collected donation by doing chores and being a good student)
Bastian Maggi Gunnels, in honor of Star
Becky Nicole B
Believa Gamze Sarp
Beyonce Jason and Karin Redisch, in loving memory of our sweet Goose
Bobble Anonymous, in honor of Ruth E. Kouri
Cameo (CP) Susen Buckendorf, in memory of Angel, Frankie, and Bill
Chloe Anonymous, in honor of Ruth E. Kouri
Cindy Puerto Rico Angie Curry, in memory of my baby Napoleon who left us Nov 22, 2016 - He was my faithful companion for almost 12 years.
Connor Anonymous
Devaki In Memory of Frankie Stentzel
Diva Gamze Sarp
Ella Friends of Ella
Ella Beagle In honor of Kim MacDonald
Fuller Chantal, in honor of Sharon
and by
Harlee Stephanie Hair, in honor of Harlee
Harmony S Nicole B
Kloe James Williams, in memory of Dottie
Lidia Amanda S., in honor of her mom and their shared love of animals
and by
Amanda S., in honor of my mom and our shared love of animals
Lola S Lynn McElhaney, in honor of the wonderful dogs in my past, and in honor of Ferdinand in my life now. Thank you HART for my wonderful boy!
Loralie Lyon Family, in memory of Rocky and Toby, and in honor of Sam
Samantha Chantal
Taffy Your friends at HHB Systems, LLC
Whiskey Anonymous, in memory of Wills

Note: Corrections and inquiries regarding Sponsored Pets may be sent to: SponsorAPet

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